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Idea of PMC contest

Symbolism explanation:Years ago we took a section of our completely homemade parabolic dish antenna with diameter of 6,2m as our logotype, as we are pioneers of EME activities in our country on 23cm and 13cm bands, and also antenna took a lot of our effort to built.White doves, worldwide known as symbol of peace, also used as symbol in association of PEACE MESSENGER CITIES in United Nations organization.We joint our section of parabolic dish antenna as our logotype with white doves as symbols of peace – 6 white doves, as one of them for each HF band used in contest, that we are announcing.Radio club Slovenj Gradec - S59DCD proudly announces a World Wide PEACE MESSENGER CITY CONTEST, a contest dedicated to noble idea of PEACE MESSENGER CITY association, which was founded within organization of United Nations.


(Organized by Radio club Slovenj Gradec, S59DCD)

Radio club Slovenj Gradec with Call sign S59DCD (ex YU3DCD) exists from 1974 and we are member of the National Amateur Radio Organization (ZRS). Our activity did not stop in all these years, there were just changes in different ways of HAM RADIO. We started on summer VHF contests, worked many HF contests and now we are preparing our re-activation on EME 23 cm and 13cm with our 6,2 m dish. We are located in the Northern part of Slovenia in the city SLOVENJ GRADEC. It is one of 93 cities in the world, which have status of PEACE MESSENGER CITIES and our Mayor, Mr. Matjaz Zanoskar, is Secretary General of IAPMC. More information about this idea is possible to view on

In the past we already organized activities dedicated to denotation of activities of United Nations. For example we would like to expose following major activities with short descriptions:

Activities at 40th anniversary of UN in year 1985, which was called: »We for peace«, special callsigns were activated: 4N3OZN and YT0UN. For this ocasion also personal operators in our club acquired special callsigns with 4N3 prefiks.A special diploma, also named We for peace was granted.

At 45th anniversary of UN in year 1990 followed special activities again. Year 1990 was called: »To be«. Again special callsigns were activated: 4N9UN and YT0UN. Also for this ocasion, personal operators in our club acquired special callsigns. A special diploma, also named To be was granted.

In each of mentioned activities, according to logbooks, there was between 30000 and 35000 QSOs established with stations using special callsigns.

Not only to preserve tradition, but also because of our perfect co-operation with city municipality and their great support, we have decided to help in promotion of IAPMC. To join all the Peace Messenger Cities and to expire a noble idea of PMC, we found out that we can do it through WW CONTEST. As there are many members of our Club very interested in contesting, we decide to organize our own and brand new contest. Tom, N1MM already gave us a great hope and support by starting. And we would like that our contest will first of all find a place in N1MM logger and also in the others (TR, CT, SD. etc).

It is very important for us that the contest, which we are organizing, will carry on some MESSAGES. The first message will be to activate all amateurs all over the world to make contact with amateurs which are citizens of PMC as they will be multipliers, and the second message will be an opportunity for other cities to join the »family« IAPMC. All information, including rules, will be published in the international HAM publications and all HAM web pages. Here is short version of rules, which are similar to IOTA contest, PMC reference will be cities, shortened on 3 letters. These are also MULTIPLIERS. Please, follow our home web page in the future.




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