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Solar Terrestrial Data

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PMC contest rules



The idea of the contest is to promote contacts between stations - operators who are residents of the town or suburb of the Peace Messenger Cities and the rest of the world. If you are not a resident of some PMC, you can also operate as portable station from some PMC (for example, you can work /p from Berlin and give a multiplier BER).  


24 hours of operating time from 1200UTC Saturday to 1200 UTC Sunday, every first full weekend of January.


3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz, CW and SSB. IARU band plans should be observed. Suggested frequencies are: 3520-3560kHz and 3650-3750kHz, 7010-7030 and 7060-7160kHz, 14020-14060 and 14160-14260kHz, 21020-21060 and 21160-21260kHz, 28020-28060 and 28360-28460kHz.


We have a total of 24 categories in our contest as follows:

4.1 Single Operator Categories ( All Band)
(a) PMC Single Operator High Power - CW, SSB or MIX
(b) PMC Single Operator Low Power - CW, SSB or MIX
(c) PMC Single Operator QRP - CW, SSB or MIX
(a1) NONPMC Single Operator High Power - CW, SSB or MIX
(b1) NONPMC Single Operator Low Power - CW, SSB or MIX
(c1) NONPMC Single Operator QRP - CW, SSB or MIX

4.2 Multi-Operator Categories (All Band, High Power only, )
a) PMC Multi-Operator - CW, SSB or MIX
a1) NONPMC Multi-Operator - CW, SSB or MIX


For NONPMC entrants: Send RS(T) plus CQ zone number

For PMC entrants: Send RS(T) plus PMC reference (PMC stations MUST include PMC reference as part of their exchange)



There are 114 PMC on the world.

Complete PMC reference list is available here:


6.1 QSO Points

NONPMC – NONPMC (QSO between NONPMC station and NONPMC station)
Each station receive 5 points for QSO

PMC – NONPMC (QSO between PMC station and NONPMC station)
PMC station receive 5 points for QSO, while NONPMC station receive 25 points for QSO.

PMC X – PMC Y (QSO between stations from direrent PMC reference)
Each station receives 10 points for QSO.

PMC X – PMC X (QSO between stations within the same PMC reference)
Each station receives 5 points.

6.2 Multipliers

The multiplier is the total of different PMC references contacted on each band on CW, plus the total of different PMC references contacted on each band on SSB. Each PMC reference counts only once for each band and each mode worked.

6.3 Total score:
The score is the total of QSO points on all bands added together, multiplied by the total of multipliers.

Should be sent in Cabrillo file, 7 days after contest is finished and delivered by provided  upload link on Exceptionally, we will accept the log via special E-mail address, but that means your log be provided at last.

WW PMC contest is supported by following contest software:  N1MM logger by N1MM,TR4W by UA4WLIEI5DI by EI5DIDXLOG by 9A5K and UCX LOG by DL7UCX.

Certificates will be awarded to every station in each category, irrespective of the result achieved.

Certificates can be easy downloaded from our website.

Slovenj Gradec, October, 2014

President of S59DCD

Tomaz Kasnik, S57PKT


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